Accent On Kids

OUR Sonic Is your Sonic​

Your local SONIC Drive-In operators don't consider community involvement a sales gimmick or a public relations ploy; they see it as a way to have a positive impact on their community. It's not just good business ... it's the right thing to do.

There are many ways your local SONIC Drive-In can support your organization, including:

  • Fundraising: We donate items that you sell to raise funds
  • ​Discounts: We provide discounts on menu items for special events or group orders
  • ​Freebies: We give away free treats to reward students, parents, and teachers
  • Brand Recognition: ​Our carhops can wear team colors
  • And more!

Each SONIC Drive-In has different community programs available and is interested in learning how their efforts can support the work of your organization. To see if your local SONIC Drive-In participates in Accent on Kids programs, 
click here.


SONIC's heritage is routed in people, whether that's providing great food and friendly service to our customers, employing the best of the best in our industry, or giving back to the local community.

We work where you live, so we believe in being good neighbors. ​We owe it to our community members to provide them with support so they can continue to grow and thrive. It’s a cycle of greatness from which we all benefit.